• In an increasingly secular world the Christian church everywhere faces similar challenges. How does the church demonstrate its relevance in a society that no longer shares its values? more»
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  • True leaders have a plan, build teams and plan for succession. If they don't, their ministry will grind to a halt the day they aren't there anymore. more»
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  • Cody comes from a family that struggled with alcohol and drugs, but because of his persistence his mother and step-father ended up coming to church, going on the Alpha course two years ago and getting saved – something that has transformed the family and completely changed the home dynamic. more»
    'Ahoy, me hearties!'
  • Three years ago St Andrew's, Invercargill was on its knees - literally. We faced closure as the congregation was in decline and the average age of parishioners was over 70. So we prayed and recommitted ourselves to God asking Him to lead us into the future. more»
    Looking Out
  • Many people walk past because they live in the apartments in the area and are out and about on foot – many do not own vehicles. They will stop and look especially when they see other people of similar ethnicity to themselves. They will readily accept invitations to come as a result of those outreaches. more»
    A surprise discovery
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  • 23 December 2009

    I've been pretty happy with the results, because the point of introducing this for us was to change the culture of the church. We wanted to see people's attitudes actually being transformed, and in a number of ways we saw that happen. more»
    Outflow' an effective church culture-changer


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