Resources for taking your whole church through 'Redemptive Family'

Where whole churches are working through the ‘Redemptive Family’ devotional, best outcomes are achieved by supplementing and reinforcing the daily readings with both sermons and small group study.


We anticipate 6 sermons being required: an introductory sermon at the commencement of the series, and then a sermon that wraps up the topic for each week.

Introductory sermon:

The introductory message needs to connect your present to your desired future. The most appropriate message will therefore be unique to each congregation. Here is a link to the Powerpoint slides and notes we used in our own church setting, church@onetwosix. We already commence every service with a meal together, so beginning with the family table in our exploration of what it might mean to be a family on mission together was perfect for us. We think you will find the material useful nevertheless. Also included is a link to an article in which Rosaria Butterfield relates her story which is referenced in the message, and a link to a site where you can download the free font we used for the Redemptive Family material.

Introduction – The Family Table

Rosaria Butterfield article

Amatic font

Subsequent messages:

We suggest that you use the small-group study Scripture passages and key ideas to preach from so that the small group studies reinforce Sunday’s message.


Small group studies

We suggest that these small group studies are done the week after the topic has been covered in the devotional and preached on the Sunday. This gives everyone time to reflect on the topic for themselves and it reinforces the Sunday message they have heard. Where the small group study pre-empts the devotional our experience is that fewer folk continue with the devotional material and rely solely on input from the small group time.

These PDF small group studies build on the devotional material.  They follow the ‘Serendipity’ framework and will work in both new and established groups. They can be downloaded for free.

Week 1 – Being Family

Week 2 – Embracing our Place

Week 3 – Nurturing Redemptive Relationships

Week 4 – Doing Mission Together as a Family

Week 5 – Choosing to Lead Ourselves


Redemptive Family SMS – daily text reminders

To encourage engagement with the devotional material, we have prepared a set of ‘sound-bites’ that can be texted to everyone who has opted in to receive text messages:

Redemptive Family SMS


End-of-week surveys

At the end of each week’s readings in the Redemptive Family devotional is a survey form entitled ‘Making it Real’. The purpose of these surveys is create a feedback loop between people and their leaders, paving the way for real change to happen.

Do make a big deal out of it! Be sure to have a conspicuous dropbox in your church foyer for returning surveys, and you may want to consider incentivising returns. The more feedback you get, the clearer the way forward becomes :)